Josh and Jolene Baijot

Josh and Jolene Baijot

Bellingham / Whatcom County Real Estate Agents

Josh and Jolene are local real estate experts. Their names are synonymous with Bellingham and the surrounding areas. Hard work, dedication, and professionalism are values that make up the foundation of their real estate services. They strive to offer every one of their clients a personalized, courteous, and boutique-level service that exceeds their expectations. When you pick them as your real estate agents, you can expect high customer care and the benefits of 50+ years of combined experience. "Our clients trust us because we know the local market. We understand the different locations and the lifestyle each unique town or neighborhood provides."

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"It’s good to know great people and Josh & Jolene are two of them! They get it… They understand that people are people and treat them as such. I am grateful to know them and also to be able to work with them and call them friends. Consider... continued"
- Joshua Parriera
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